My name is Jodly Midy, I founded Awoly in 2020 after my followers and friends wanted to use the same products that grew my hair like crazy. And when they found results, the products started to expand to more people and three beauty supplies. So, why don't we start from the beginning.   My mom and I used to try different hair products on our hair, most of them would say natural but would definitely have something harmful in them. She would  mixed different natural ingredients together for us. But our hair would stay the same. I had alopecia since I was little. Some part of my hair would never grow and the other part completly bald ( follicles died). In 2016, I started to have severe headaches, that my doctor had to double my medecines. It would never go away because I kept on using the harsh products on my hair, all in the name of buying natural products. In 2020, I wanted to cut my hair all the way down, I felt uncomfortable to wear my natural hair, they were so short, and always have to hide some part of my hair which would hardly hide. I would barely wear my hair out, always have protective styles.  In the same year, I decided to created my own products to see if it would work. I monitored the progress almost every week and share it with my followers as a challenge. After 3 months, I grew a lot of inches, and I could feel my hair thicker, and longer. My alopecia was really severe and for that ready I needed se thing stronger to give me some edges. That's when I went back to formulate the super hair growth oil which used to call alopecia hair growth oil. I was so excited when I saw my frontline hair pass my jar line.  After about 6 months of using the hair growth oils, I had a bad heat damage from a lady who did a silk press for me out of state while I went on vacation. Once I came back, I felt like I was starting over again because it was very severe. I didn't want to cut my hair damages so I went along and continued my routine. After 1 year, my hair was 90% recovered. One thing I've learned is that, once you have heat damage, it cannot repair in one night nor one week, unless you cut it off. My hair recovery was from the new growth, and little by little the damage fall off. My journey has just began, and yet my inches has never stop growing. After seeing the power of my products, measuring the length every month was just not a priority for me anymore, because I could feel every inches through my finger every wash day. Retaining my length is my number goal which I've done a great job doing by using my Moisturizing products.   By creating the best natural product that works, and that has no effect on my health, makes me  feel happy, relief and confident when I wear my hair out. And when others who stay consistent with the products find the best results they were looking for, I just feel more excited because that is the mean reason why I shared it with others and plan to do so around the world. Men and women can use our products. We are targeting everyone who's ready to patiently grow these inches and say no more to baldness.